What People Say


"When I'm doing GROOVE it empowers me to be the best I can be and to take an hour out of my busy schedule of being a wife/mumma twice a week, to recharge my soul and my wellbeing and have fun all at the same time. Not only do I get fit, but we are shown simple moves and incorporate those moves into our own unique style and to make ourselves feel awesome. And I get to GROOVE with others who for their own reasons enjoy it as much as me!" - Shar

"GROOVE is a blast! It is great fun to shake your booty in a non-judgmental friendly environment - I like to think of it as exercise by stealth! There is no right or wrong foot with GROOVE so you don't have to worry about not getting the moves. Paula is a fantastic teacher and provides amazing energy in the class." - Keren


"For people with lung issues the controlled breathing  is most useful. I also find it helpful in making me more aware of my body; to be aware of  one's body and the possibilities that can be achieved and worked upon is  stimulating." - Josie (aged 70)

"Pilates with Paula is great - I thoroughly enjoy the class. The small class sizes are great as you get more specific instruction and coaching. It's great to come away feeling relaxed after a stressful day at work. Since starting Pilates my posture has improved, I have more flexibility and I seem to sleep much better after a class." - Charlotte

"I suffer from Lymphedema in my left arm after having had a mastectomy due to Breast Cancer and Radiation Treatment for it. Since then, my arm has had to be covered in a compression sleeve to keep the swelling down. Due to this condition and another that developed, I was no longer able to weight train with heavy weights. My doctor recommended I try Pilates as an alternative.

I am very pleased with how Pilates has assisted with my arm. I had lost a lot of my previous flexibility due to the operations I have had and the amount of time I had spent sitting on the couch eating chocolate and feeling sorry for myself. Pilates has helped my regain my fitness, waistline and a better range of movement in my arm. It has also contributed to the swelling in my arm decreasing in size somewhat and that’s great because it’s something that never goes away but can be managed. Practising Pilates can help with it. It’s also lots of fun and makes you feel great! Thanks Paula!" - Patti

"Since starting Pilates with Paula my posture has definitely improved, I am much stronger and more flexible and my migraines have lessened too which is awesome!" - Michelle

Prenatal Pilates

"I love the Prenatal Pilates sessions! It is the highlight of every week and I always feel much more energized and flexible afterwards. It has helped ease back pain and has been very useful for breathing techniques. I recommend it to every pregnant women!" - Kim

"Prenatal Pilates meant for me a regular time each week where I was solely focused on my body and preparing for my baby. The exercises helped me to develop more body awareness, better breathing techniques and I found that I had more movement and less pain. I would recommend this type of gentle exercise for any women preparing their body for birth." - Felicity

"The morning before my second prenatal pilates class (at 31 weeks) I found myself unable break out of a walking gait due to stiffness and pain in hips, pubic symphysis, and lower back.  An hour after the class I was able to run (slowly) around the paddock with my pets. Thank you for showing me how to stretch out and relax areas that were causing problems!" - Rachel