Timetable - group

The current timetable can be found here.

All group sessions are held at Anomaly Dance Studio, Level 1, 310 Rangitikei Street (corner of Rangitikei and Wellesbourne Streets; opposite Rumour Has It Cafe). Entrance through door on left of building's front, then up the stairs to Studio 2.


Wednesdays 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Saturdays 10am to 11am


One-to-one Pilates equipment sessions
Session times available Tuesday-Friday, Monday afternoons and Saturday afternoons.

Email Paula for any enquiries or to book your sessions.

Pre Natal Pilates
Saturdays 12:30pm to 1:30pm

These sessions are designed to help keep your pregnant body moving with ease. Each session includes breathing and relaxation techniques, pelvic floor exercises, along with gentle exercises to help your body progress through pregnancy and labour (and beyond!).

We focus on strengthening the shoulders and arms so that you can carry your baby (and baby paraphernalia!) with ease, strengthening and stretching the lower body to help with bending down and picking up, and stretching and strengthening your back to help you cope with the changing demands on your body.

Purchase your pass and then simply book into your session times at least 24 hours in advance (space permitting). If you're unable to make your booked session, cancellations must be at least 24 hours ahead of the session.

Email Paula for any enquiries or to purchase your pass.

Beginning Pilates
Next courses starts early 2017

Discover Pilates in a safe and caring environment. This is not like those big classes at the gym that leave you feeling confused, unloved and like a mass of flailing limbs! During this 8-week course you’ll be introduced to the principles of Pilates, working through exercises that will help you to improve your strength, tone, flexibility and body awareness. The class size is limited, to allow for personal attention.

Email Paula for any enquiries or to register your interest.

Men's Pilates
Thursdays 6:20pm to 7:20pm

A men's only session that focuses on improving flexibility and increasing back and abdominal strength for better movement and less injuries. This 4-week course will change how you move and may well change your life. Class size is limited.

Note: Men's Pilates usually runs on at the earlier time of 6:20pm; the next series (starting February 18) will return to this start time.

Email Paula to register or for any enquiries.

Ageless Pilates
Tuesdays 12pm to 1pm
Pre-requisite: Must have completed Beginning Pilates or equivalent course

This series is designed for those who have some physical limitations or restrictions, either due to injury or age. We continue to work on strength, tone, flexibility and body awareness, but with a gentler pace and focus. We will choose one Pilates exercise to improve upon or build towards during the series.

Email Paula to register or for any enquiries.

Pilates Mat
Mondays 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Tuesdays 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Saturdays 11:15am to 12:15pm
Pre-requisite: Must have completed Beginning Pilates and Pilates Essentials/Ageless Pilates or equivalent experience

This series will continue to move you forward in your Pilates journey. We will choose one Pilates exercise as our "challenge move" to improve upon or build towards, all while continuing to create balance, strength and flexibility.

Email Paula to register or for any enquiries.


Pilates 3D
Currently on hiatus
Basic human movement is three-dimensional and spiralling in its nature. Pilates 3D uses non-traditional Pilates movements, along with traditional Pilates exercises with a non-traditional twist (or spiral!). That way we bring the whole body together as we move, creating more mobility, minimising injury in our everyday lives, and creating strength through movement.

We work through the entire kinetic chain of our bodies, from our feet to our heads. In moving with our bodies' spirals, we help to release the fascia and feel amazing.

This class is open for all levels; no previous Pilates experience is required. If you have an injury or any rehabilitative needs, this course may not be suitable.

Email Paula for any enquiries or to register.