At hana studio: movement + wellness, I offer you the best in relaxation massage techniques, as well as myofascial release. I firmly believe that massage isn't a treat, it's an essential part of taking care of yourself.

Choose from my signature hana Aromatherapy Massage (a mixture of various relaxation and remedial massage styles including myofascial release, using essential oils custom blended for you), Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage (especially recommended for those who struggle to "switch off" or if you're wanting a much deeper level of relaxation) or Pohaku Hot Stone Massage (55 stones are used to warm you, while hands and stones massage you into total bliss).

For pregnant women, the Bella Mamma Pregnancy Massage offers relaxation and release from tight hips and sore backs.

If you're not sure which is the right option for you, talk to me about what you're wanting out of your massage, and we can select the best choice for you.

hana Aromatherapy Massage

In aromatherapy, massage aids the absorption of essential oils into the skin, and is the most important tool available to an aromatherapist. Every treatment is different because every client is different.

I use aromatherapy massage combining techniques from traditional Swedish massage, Hawaiian massage, myofascial release and a variety of other styles, personalising each massage treatment to the individual needs of you and your body. Remedial massage work is used where needed, but is not the primary focus. With over 20 years of massage experience, my philosophy is that, in using massage to remind the body how to relax, we can relax overly tight muscles without using painful deep techniques.

Every treatment is different because every client is different.

Why hana Aromatherapy Massage?

What To Expect
At your first appointment we will discuss your health history, including any medical conditions, current medications, supplements, and concerns.

This is used as a basis for selecting the appropriate essential oils for you. The remainder of your appointment will consist of your hana Aromatherapy Massage. All you need to do is lie back, relax, and enjoy.

After your hana Aromatherapy Massage you will be offered a glass of water or lemon and barley to help you rehydrate.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Hawaiian lomilomi massage (also called Kahuna or temple-style massage) uses the hands and forearms in long, flowing strokes that move the entire length of your body, for a soothing, deeply relaxing experience.

The beautiful, luscious, fluid movements around the body, combined with the breathwork integral to lomilomi, makes this a serene yet energising massage, helping nurture and balance mind, body and spirit.

Pohaku Hot Stone Massage

Pohaku hot stone massage combines the long, flowing strokes of Hawaiian lomilomi massage with the soothing luxury of spa-style hot stone massage. Hawaiian basalt stones are heated in warm water and used to help melt your stress and tension away, leaving you deeply relaxed.

Stones, especially chosen for comfort, are placed both under and on your body, as well as being used as a part of the massage. As the warmth lulls you into a state of relaxation, the combination of hands and stones eases the tension from your body. 

Pohaku hot stone massage is a wonderfully rejuvenating and relaxing massage. However, if you have any of the following conditions, aromatherapy massage and Hawaiian lomilomi massage are safer options for you:

Bella Mamma Pregnancy Massage

Your Bella Mamma Pregnancy Massage focuses on helping you to relax, while relieving any areas of tightness, such as your back and hips.

I have over 15 years of experience in pregnancy massage, having completed specialised training in pregnancy massage through the New Zealand College of Massage. I’m also trained as a Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist, as well as being a naturopath specialising in preconception and pregnancy care, so have a broad knowledge of working with pregnant women. All of this goes into helping you feel good as your body changes throughout your pregnancy!