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movement + wellness services to help you feel amazing in yourself

Pilates (One-to-one private equipment based sessions, Group mat sessions, Prenatal Pilates, Men's Pilates, Ageless Pilates)


At hana studio you'll get to explore fitness and movement options that are about true mind-body connection - exploring what your body is capable of, and being connected to your movements. Exercising your brain connections is just as important as moving your body!

"If there is pain, there is no gain." - Joseph Pilates

At hana studio, movement isn't about straining and pushing yourself and a general sweatfest. Instead you'll be encouraged to explore the possibilities of your own body through mindful movement and to challenge yourself, without pain or discomfort. You should leave every session feeling strong but relaxed.

Wellness at hana studio is about taking time to listen to your body and to help you release any stress and tension you may be holding. Helping your body remember how to relax helps you to relax.

Feel amazing in yourself, with hana studio: movement + wellness.


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